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Here at Phoenix we provide a number of related services as you can see from our links even after the latest flooding we were called in to clean and disinfect areas that had been covered with sewer waste.

The services we cover are as follows pressure washing, algae inhibitor treatments, weed killer treatments, acrylic sealing matt/gloss, urethane sealing matt/gloss, tarmac renovation coatings, oil stain removal, chewing gum removal, graffiti removal.

Our Pressure Cleaning Service

We all the latest equipment we can clean any hard landscape surface ranging from the large car parks to block paving, floated concrete, pattern imprinted concrete, tarmac , paving slabs, York stone, Indian sandstone, slate and many more types of driveways to the small patio’s including concrete and tarmac cleaning, street and pavement cleaning, if you can’t find what you want cleaned listed here then pick up the phone and give us a call

Weed killer

If you have a clean driveway that’s covered in weeds, that will take you forever to remove them, only to grow back again. Why don’t you use our weed killer service for a small cost we will treat the area in no time at all and kill all the weeds in one go that lasts Don’t break you back weeding contact us today on 01903 773808

Paving Sealing

Once we have cleaned your driveway why don’t you have it sealed which will lock the sand in and keep the driveway looking good for a longer period of time also it will enhance the appearance especially older blocks and of course the other benefit is it will inhibit the growth weeds, algae and lichen. Which of course makes the paving area’s easier to maintain in the future

We stock all the leading suppliers

Resiblock - Picscoat - Eureco Systems, - Easy sealer

Request a free quotation and we can advise you on your cleaning requirements.

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